No events planned until covid is over.

MOUNTAIN WEEKEND: APRIL 17-19, 2020!   plus two extra days if you choose. We use the spacious upstairs so there is plenty of head room!

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SCONY OTK Spanking Parties. Read the Protocols listed below.

Cost: Couples $65, Single Males $50, Single females $30
There will be many, very private spanking areas, a snack table, enjoyable music, and a little BYOB. No lists, no interviews, and you do not have to show an ID unless we need to know your age. We respect your right to anonymity. However, know the SCONY protocols. . It’s a great opportunity to meet up with someone you have been chatting with online.
*Bring a small snack for the table and a modest amount of your favorite beverage. Sodas provided.

RSVP by emailing if you plan to attend or let us know on Fetlife. Single males must make a reservation, preference is given to those who enter chat or the message board. We reserve the right to control the numbers.
We take money at the door. Entertaining in NYC is very expensive so it’s always helpful when people plan ahead and the ladies show up on time.
This is strictly an old-fashioned spanking party. Playing in the middle of the space is fine, but if you choose, there are small areas blocked off for private play. This is an excellent opportunity to come out in a non-threatening atmosphere, have a great time with safe people and interact with those who have the same interest. (Ladies, there is no pressure to do anything. Introduce yourself to Ms. Margaret, and she’ll do what she can to make you feel at home.)
Very important: Please read our SCONY Protocols listed below before attending.
•Recommended play: Old-Fashioned, Platonic, Traditional, Institutional, Loving And Parental. (Read more about the OPTILAP approach.)
*Get their name before you play
•Sensuous play is best kept private. There are privacy cubicles. •Wearing a thong is recommended if you intend to play in the open space. Open play is fine.
•Appropriate implements: hand, paddle, hairbrush, strap, wooden spoon, cane, tawse, birch.
•Appropriate titles include but aren’t limited to: Mr., Ms., Miss or first names.
•Appropriate dress: On the dressy side of casual. T-shirts are discouraged. Collared shirts and nice shoes make a better impression.
•Keep a respectful distance when watching others.
•We use safe words. “Yellow” (ease up/caution) and “RED” for stop. A hand on the ankle means to ease up/lighten up.
•No latex, PVC, diapers or cross-dressing.
•No masters, mistresses, goddesses or slaves.
•No whips, cat o’ nine tails or floggers. •No overly obvious collars, leashes, ropes or bondage equipment.
•Space is limited. Keep your implement carriers to a reasonable size.
•No frontal nudity.
•No sex, prostitution, pandering or pimping
•No cameras, laptops, or recording devices of any kind.
•No cell phones can be used inside the party space. Please go outside for all calls.
*If someone is clearly a bottom please do not ask them to spank you. It’s a buzz kill.
*All guests must be aware of their own safety regarding previous injuries and health problems.
*Also, It is very much OK to play outside the cubicles at SCONY parties. Just be sure to wear a thong. I have nothing against open play as long as private areas are covered.
*You have to be able to communicate very clearly (hearing, speech and the English language), to be able to negotiate a spanking scene. Communicating first is part of basic safe play! Good manners in speech, dress and personal hygiene are common sense matters we expect.
*If you have any problems with me or SCONY email me first and I can probably fix it. If you choose to vent on Fetlife first and do not email me at, consider your complaint useless and don’t come back.


April (maybe) TBD

Plus extra days of Thursday and Sunday if you choose. We use the spacious upstairs so there is plenty of head room! (price includes your room and meals) Friday theme:  “Ocean Colors” Saturday Theme: “Margaretville” (Margaritaville and tropical island escape) Two, three and four day packages. Special Guests: Lady Sabrina, My Lady’s Toys, NYC.

The weekend is for lovers of playful and disciplinary adult spanking.  Lots of privacy since no one else is on the resort but us.  For those who choose, classes at St. Margaret’s Academy will be back in session on Saturday for a few hours around lunch. Everyone is a part of the fun; tops, bottoms, men and women. Everyone has a consenting role even if you just like to watch.  Otherwise you can make yourself at home on the 25 acre resort  or explore the Poconos.

How is the SCONY Mountain weekend different?
Included in the price is your room, meals, privacy, a woodshed and two evening parties. Costs range from $325-$680, depending on the room. All single males are $450. This is the best priced spanking weekend around.
We only have one vendor. There are not any professional spankos, video’s and shoots going on off to the side. All the people who attend are there for a simple good time with their own spanking needs. We don’t celebrate spanking stars since each person is our most important guest; tops, bottoms, men and women.
Security: Everybody knows the protocol and everybody behaves. (If not, we handle it asap) We are the only guests at the resort so we don’t worry about outsiders bothering us.
Assuming you have good manners and great personal hygiene, you will get to play many times if that is what you want. Socializing, enjoying the laughs and making friends is just fine, too.
How you enjoy the weekend is your choice just bring a smile and good manners.  What happens on the mountain stays on the mountain. No cameras.  Some of us will be arriving on Thursday and staying over Sunday, but those are extra days.
The academy is not ‘school’ in the role play sense but more a way to meet other guests. It is interacting, communicating and spanking before Saturday night.  (If you choose the school colors are Maroon, White and Pink. ( burgundy plaid or gray skirt, white blouse and maroon accessories)
Some musicians bring their instruments for a jam session on Saturday afternoon.  Otherwise you may enjoy time in the hot tub with the woods chirping around you.  Most of all there is time to just sit on the big front porch and chat with people who have the same interests and needs as you.
For more information visit the Mountain Weekend page.


All guests must be aware of their own safety regarding previous injuries and health problems. If you are attending the Mountain Weekend you have to be able to walk a hill.



SCONY Holiday Dinner for SCONY.


Next Mountain Weekend

Maybe in the fall.

Visiting Paris? SCONY in Paris “LES LUNES POURPRES“, a private club for spankers in Paris.