Kylie’s Nightmare Continues

Note: This story is the sequel to Kylie’s Foolish Fumble.

The next morning Kylie was awakened shortly before 5 am by shooting pains radiating from her war-torn bottom. She had rolled over onto her back in her sleep, jarring every angry nerve in that region.

“Ohhhhmagod!” Kylie groaned as she struggled to stand up. All of this for one stupid text, she thought to herself. That’s just pathetic.

She had forgotten how dreadful the aftermath of her father’s spankings were. And her slender frame offered her very little by way of shock absorption.

As much as she wanted to roll back on her tummy and go back to sleep, she was dying to check out her bottom in the mirror. So Kylie turned her lamp on, wincing to adjust to the light, then stumbled over to the wall mirror by her dresser to take a look at the damage.

Peeling her panties back gently, she turned around and stood dumbfounded at the sight. Her punished bottom was still red, with patches of black and blue and two hardened white spots right on her “sit spot.” And welts from where her father’s belt had carved into her already swollen backside were scattered indiscriminately throughout.

Bending over slightly, she noticed that she also had some dark, nasty bruises on her upper thighs, which had been precipitated by her futile attempts to block the blows or escape from his lap. Getting spanked on the thighs just sucked but guaranteed her undivided attention and immediate obedience. She could also see distinct lines from where even her panties were able to etch their outline into her tender cheeks.

Oh man, this is going to be a long day, Kylie bemoaned as she thought about the lineup of wood auditorium seats and hard plastic chairs that were just waiting to torment her and remind her of how dumb texting and driving was. And how she could have easily waited a few more minutes to answer her friend’s text. And how it was just about something she needed to pick up for Friday night’s big talent show on campus. Kylie sighed deeply and turned her attention back to the mirror.

Am I a Freak?

Kylie knew she should never, ever want to experience that horror again. However, she was fascinated with the marks and couldn’t pull herself away from the mirror. She just kept turning and adjusting herself to get a better look.

She felt conflicted. On the one hand, Kylie never wanted to disappoint and anger her parents like that again. Just the memory of their faces when they were scolding her and their penetrating words spontaneously brought tears to the still-fragile girl’s eyes. She couldn’t park long in that lot. But when she thought about how motivated she would be to never attempt to text and drive again, she wished she had that kind of incentive to help her in other areas. So she wasn’t sure if she was more afraid of ever getting another one of those spankings again or notgetting one.

Freak, she thought to herself. Who wants to get a spanking? That’s like freaky weird! But then she countered that with the argument that if she would have confessed to her dad that she was texting and driving when she first started — before she caused an accident and hurt someone else — the accident wouldn’t have ever happened. She would have been the only one who suffered, and she wouldn’t have to deal with the guilt of knowing she caused that little boy and his family such pain and inconvenience.

Kylie Grapples with Her Conscience

One thought led to another, and the next thing Kylie knew, she was traveling back in time to the night she drove back to campus after drinking too much at her boyfriend’s. This was exactly the kind of thing she wished she could just blurt out to her parents and be punished for.

She knew she was beyond the legal limit and shouldn’t get behind the wheel, and she could hear their voices in her head telling her not to do it. But then she’d find a way to justify what she did, reassure herself that she took responsible precautions in driving under the speed limit and sometimes even blame her parents. After all, if they didn’t have such strict rules about not spending the night at her boyfriend’s apartment, she could have just crashed on his couch.

For every argument she came up with to explain why she did what she did, however, she could hear their counters. In fact, she wouldn’t get nearly as far in an actual argument with them in real life as she did in her mind.

But even if she had to courage to confess to them, she couldn’t upset her mom with news like that, she told herself. She was psycho when it came to anything driving related and was a professional worrier. And Kylie knew that if she upset her mom, her father would be sure to step in and back her up. And she’d get in trouble for upsetting her mother, on top of whatever else she was already in trouble for.

So she tried every means possible to avoid that scenario altogether. And eventually, with enough coaching, she even convinced herself that she was doing her parents a favor by not upsetting her mom and just handling this issue herself.

After going back and forth on what to do, she decided to give herself until summer break to make a quality decision about if she would ever unload her conscience of this burdensome secret. That would give her a couple months to talk herself out of it. She wouldn’t be driving until then anyway, she reasoned. Hell, judging by the pain she was experiencing at the moment, she wasn’t sure she’d even be sitting by then.

Pleasant Surprise

When Kylie opened her bathroom door after enjoying a long, albeit slightly uncomfortable, shower, she was greeted with the most delightful smell of bacon and eggs. She wanted to bound down the stairs happily and confirm that her mom was the BEST for making such an amazing breakfast. But she decided against it because one, it hurt to move at a snail’s pace, so flying down the stairs in her usual fashion was definitely out. Two, her dad was a little grumpy until his second cup of coffee and usually didn’t appreciate her unbridled displays of energy and enthusiasm first thing in the morning. And three, she didn’t want them to think she was just “over” what had happened the day before. They all knew one of Kylie’s greatest challenges was retaining what she had learned when she was disciplined because she rebounded so fast.

So, after gingerly inching her way down the stairs with the nimbleness of an 80 year old, she walked into the kitchen and gave her mom a big hug. Diana was a mother extraordinaire and the primary source of comfort in Kylie’s life. She also gave the best hugs in the world and needed little reason to offer one.

Diana enjoyed their friendship and was thrilled to watch Kylie metamorphose from a rambunctious handful of a child to a stately, beautiful young lady. Having missed her terribly since she left for college, it was very hard for her to only get to see Kylie for a few minutes the night before, just to hear her in such agony only moments later. So it was payment enough just to see her daughter smile before being whisked back to school by her father.

Kylie thought her mom might say something about what happened the night before, perhaps adding final warnings and reminders before she went back to school. But she didn’t. She just smiled compassionately and handed her a couple Extra Strength Motrins, a glass of orange juice and an ice pack.

“Shhh … Let’s just keep this between us,” she said with a wink.

“Thank youuu,” Kylie whispered gratefully.

After popping the pills and carefully slipping the ice pack into her sweats, they chatted about fun things, like her roommate, boyfriend, classes and the alarming number of mullets and fauxhawks she was seeing on campus. Laughter eventually filled the room.

After a few minutes, Kylie’s mom motioned for her to hand her the ice pack, tossed it under the sink, then called out to her husband. “Ronnnn! Are you going to join us, or should we eat yours?” Operation Restoration went off without a hitch.

“I’m assuming that’s a rhetorical question, Dear,” her father said, smiling as he walked into the kitchen. He was all decked out for work and was in a surprisingly light mood. But Kylie kept her distance, just in case. He walked over and kissed her mom much too passionately for the ungodly hour they were sitting down to breakfast together, and Kylie seized that opportunity to take her place at the table.

“Ow,” Kylie unexpectedly sighed as she sat down on the hard dinette chair. A jolt of pain surged from the point of impact to the tips of her fingers, it seemed. She tried to recover quickly before her father sat down next to her but couldn’t. The strained look on her face gave her away. What she wouldn’t have given for a pillow at that moment, but her father never allowed that. He wanted to get the maximum “mileage” out of every spanking, and sitting on hard wood was just one of said opportunities.

“A little sore?” her father asked with a slight grin.

“Yes, sir,” Kylie answered sheepishly with an even slighter grin. Her mom shot her a raised brow that said, “Imagine how much worse it would have been had I not been so nice!” Or maybe she was trying to communicate, “Breathe a word of my clandestine mission of mercy and you die.”

Kylie stifled any outward sign of how amused she was with herself at that moment. And interpreted her father’s light banter as a sign that he wasn’t still mad at her. That signaled to Kylie that it was safe to enjoy her special breakfast with her parents.

Dad’s Burning Question

Looking at his watch, Kylie’s father said, “I hate to eat and run, Diana, but Kylie and I need to get on the road.” With that, Kylie gobbled the last of her breakfast, rinsed her plate, grabbed her purse, gave her mom a hug, agreed, as usual, that she would try to call more and spend less time on the computer with her friends she sees all day anyway and was on her way.

After they were safely on the highway and headed back to school, Ron paused the conversation, then inquired in a serious, pensive tone, “Kylie, I need to ask you a question, and I want you to answer me honestly, no matter how hard that may be. Understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

Kylie’s stomach dropped once again. She took a deep breath, while she could still breathe.

“Honey, I need to know that you’re making responsible choices with your driving when you’re not under our roof. The fear of something happening to you because I wasn’t doing my due diligence as your father to keep you safe kept me up last night.”

Kylie was already shaking like a leaf. This was it. She knew what was coming next, and her face was already glowing as hot as her bottom had just hours before. She just looked straight ahead and hoped to God her father wouldn’t notice and start drilling into her recent history at the first sign of guilt.

“Have you compromised your safety or anyone else’s in your driving since moving out?”

How could he do this? she protested silently. I’m dead. I’m effin dead with a capital deee!

All previous thoughts of wanting to be disciplined for issues she couldn’t get on top of went out the window. It’s one thing to pontificate about these things in the safety of your bedroom; it’s quite another altogether to actually stand face-to-face with that reality.

“Kylie, you will answer my question, and you won’t take all day doing it, young lady.”

Of course, he already knew his heat-seeking missile of a question had hit its target from her protracted silence. Now it was just a matter of coaxing all the details out of her.

Kylie plunged the depths of her soul for any justification for not telling him about the drinking and driving thing.

“Kyyyylieee,” her dad warned.

“Yes, sir. I have.”

Good bye, cruel world, Kylie sighed to herself.

“How? And I want you to tell me in 10 words or less. I’m in no mood for filibuster.”

Oh shit! 10 words??? That’s like impossible! And what the hell’s a filibuster???

Kylie was so angry at her father’s seemingly impossible assignment, she couldn’t even begin to focus on how to answer his question. All she could do was rant internally. And cause more unnecessary delays.

“Do I need to time you too?” he eventually asked, deducing from her contorted face and folded arms that his answer could be a long time coming.


Ron took note of the ‘tude but relished watching his daughter struggle to get to the point of what she did wrong without endless explanations and posturing.

Though I hardly ever drink, I had … Ohmygod, this is impossible. Like, what girl can say anything in under 10 words? she argued.

One time at Justin’s I had a little too much … Damn! Too many!

In looking back, there was a time … Ugh.

You’re an ass, and I hate you right now, Dad … No. Too young to die.

“Okay, long enough. You have to the count of three, or I’m pulling the car over.”

“What??? Nooo, Dad!”

“One …”

Pull over the car??? What the hell? Is that even like legal? she mused, completely squandering the time she desperately needed right now to pull together her official statement.

“Twooo …”

“No, Dad! I can’t think under this kind of pressure!”


“I drove drunk!!!”

The words just flew out of her mouth before she could capture them. And then detonated immediately upon impact.

They both sat in abject shock and complete silence for the longest minute recorded in the history of mankind.

“Well, I don’t know for sure that –”

“Enough,” he ordered, holding up his hand. “Not another word.”

More silence. It was maddening. And deafening. It didn’t help that they were sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, extending the nightmare well beyond its natural shelf life.

Surprise Detour

Another three minutes passed before Ron pulled off the highway. Kylie was happy that he knew every shortcut between their house and SC State and was relieved just to be moving again. But then suddenly her father pulled into a Circuit City parking lot and stopped the car. One problem: Circuit City was closed. There wasn’t a car in the lot.

This can’t be good, Kylie worried. The last thing she wanted to do was talk face-to-face with him at that moment.

“Kylie, your mother was right. She called this one. She didn’t guess anything as bad as drunk driving, but she’s picked up on your I’m-a-big-girl-now attitude this semester and thought that the text incident could be indicative of a more deeply rooted problem. But I thought it was an isolated incident and went to bat for you. I trusted you to do the right thing when you moved out from under our watchful eye.”

Those words knocked the wind out of her. Her mom’s tendency to worry annoyed her, but she didn’t realize she was pushing her away in her quest for independence. But then she felt even worse at the thought of her dad defending her, just to find out she was unworthy of the trust he had vested in her.

“Dad, I’m sorry,” she replied weakly. “I wanted to tell you. Like, I wanted to call you that night … I felt awful –”

“Then why didn’t you?”

“I don’t know. I couldn’t figure out a way to tell you. And I was afraid you’d take my car away.”

“You’re damn right I would have! So what? You’d rather continue down an increasingly dangerous path than take responsibility for a foolish choice? And what about the texting? Was this a one off? Or is this something you’ve been doing regularly?”


“That’s what I thought.”

Ron was so crushed by the tsunami of anger and disappointment that washed over him, he had to choke back his own emotion. Kylie didn’t know this, but her mother had miscarried their first child in a car accident. Even though no one was at fault in the accident, which had been caused by a thrown rod in the other driver’s car, she would grow sick with worry over the fear of ever losing Kylie in an accident.

Ron was the voice of reason who assured her that Kylie had a good head on her shoulders and was just fine. Her parents had gone loggerheads in more than one argument over driving privileges, with Kylie’s mom thinking they weren’t monitoring her closely enough and her dad contending that she was worrying too much.

So he couldn’t predict how Diana was going to react to this revelation. But it wasn’t going to be good. He knew that.

Focus, Ron. Focus.

“So you’d rather risk your life, as well as others’, rather than let us know you’re having a hard time making responsible choices? Is that it?”

Kylie hated to hear the issue distilled down to that. She made it sound much better in her mind. But he was right. Her conscience had told her the same thing a thousand times over.

“Yes, sir … I-I’m sorry.”

“This is going to devastate your mother. You know that, don’t you? We’ve lost a lot of trust in you in the past 24 hours.”

Those words cut Kylie to the quick, igniting a new round of raw emotion.

“I don’t … know what to say,” Kylie cried.

“You had your chance to talk. You could have picked up the phone. You could have reached out for help. You chose, instead, to play Russian roulette with everyone’s lives and futures.”

“Yes, sir,” Kylie answered, sinking her head into her hands.

“I can’t just let this go unaddressed. This weekend you will come home, and we will talk this over with your mother. I will be down to pick you up Friday night –”

“But the talent show’s Friday, and my group’s been practicing for weeks!” Kylie pleaded, pulling herself into an upright position again. “Can I please come home Saturday, Dad? If I don’t go to this –”

“No, you can’t go to the talent show, young lady! Are you kidding me? In fact, you’re not going out at all. When you’re finished your classes, you will go to your dorm room and stay there, only leaving for meal times and absolutely essential errands and activities. And you will email those to me ahead of time for approval. Do you understand me?”

“Y-yes, sir,” Kylie whispered.

Kylie was in a state of shock. Who gets grounded in college? And how am I going to explain this one to my friends? She knew they’d just tell her to lie to him. But they didn’t know her dad. In her mind, he had x-ray vision to her soul. She had never once gotten away with lying to him. Well, there was one time, but then she ended up confessing it to him anyway. Stupid conscience.

“As you can imagine, Friday is not going to be very fun. I do hope that we will one day be able to have fun when you come home. But I’m not putting your mother through the agony of listening to you get spanked again. That killed her. No, we’re getting to the root of this right now. Get out of the car.”

“Whuhh? I don’t understand, sir.”

“Just do as I say.”

Kylie popped the lock, opened the door and stepped out of the car. Ron pulled the emergency brake up, got out of the car and opened the door to the back seat.

“Get in,” he ordered, pointing to the opposite door.

“Daaad! Nooo!” Kylie was officially freaked.

“Get. In. Now.

Kylie recognized that tone all too well. It indicated that he was just about at his boiling point.

Back Seat Spanker

In an instant, Kylie was having flashbacks to when she was a little girl, and her father would pull the car over to spank her. She couldn’t believe the things her friends would get away with in the car, knowing they were safe from harm. Not Kylie. There was no place of amnesty with her family. She was taken out of restaurants, theaters, and even school once to be spanked in the car.

She wondered how she was going to be able to even endure another one of her father’s spankings. The two Motrin her mother smuggled in helped with sitting in the car, but it didn’t take away all the soreness from the marathon spanking she had gotten the night before. And she couldn’t imagine how she was going to feel when it wore off. But deep down she knew that she deserved what she was getting … and so much more. So she resolved to make it as easy as possible on her dad. She had put him through enough.

After Kylie carefully slipped into the backseat, she looked up at her father. He towered over her, even sitting in the back of their CR-V.

“Kylie, how many more times are we going to have to address this?” he asked, repositioning himself in the middle of the seat.

“Never again, sir,” Kylie said breathlessly. “Never.”

“I certainly hope so, young lady.” Kylie’s father looked around to make sure there were no other cars around and then said, “Pull your sweats down and get over here.”

“Yesss, sirrr.”

Kylie’s father had actually considered waiting until Friday to spank her. But he knew not bringing any resolution to this before then would eat both Diana and Kylie alive. He also decided to spank her before telling Diana, so she would be less prone to completely go off on Kylie when they had their family discussion. Her mother was much more empathetic when she knew Kylie had been well punished for her misdeeds. Furthermore, Kylie was much less inclined to cop ‘tudes and argue with them after facing the consequences her father had laid out for her, knowing they could always be made worse.

Once over his lap, he pulled her panties down. It didn’t look as bad as he thought it would, which was a relief. But she was still obviously swollen and quite bruised. He hoped this meant it wouldn’t take as much work to bring her to that point of unabashed brokenness.

“Young lady, I am going to see to it that you carry a reminder of what your foolishness cost you throughout the rest of this week … even though it could have been much worse, considering you could be dead, severely injured or in jail right now. And God help you if you disobey me and go out at all this week. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, sir,” Kylie agreed. She had no intention of testing him on that one.

With that, Ron raised his right knee slightly to tilt her bottom up more and then let loose with a flurry of swats. SMACK! WHACK! SMACK! SMACK! WHACK! There was no “warming up” period. This spanking was going to be short but intense. Less than a minute into it Kylie was already moaning, whimpering and struggling to escape.

Ron decided in short order that it was time to kick it into overdrive and dial up the severity. But first he repositioned her so her hands were on the floor, then pinned her firmly in place by placing his monstrous left hand between her shoulder blades and wrapping his right leg around hers. This ensured that her bottom was sticking straight up and wasn’t going anywhere until he decided it was over. Losing all of her power put Kylie in an acutely vulnerable position, knowing that she couldn’t do a thing to escape or abate the intensity of what was coming next.

“No, Daaaad! No, nooooo! Pleeeease! I’m sorrrry! I soooo sorrrrryyyyy!”

“Too late.”

WHACK, SLAP, WHACK, SLAP, SLAP, SMACK! Kylie gasped for a breath, but it was knocked out of her momentarily by the blitzkrieg of spanks landing on her backside. Her father continued to spank unrelentingly. SMACK, SMACK, WHACK! Finally finding her voice, Kylie let out a blood-curdling scream, followed by a flood of tears.

“Owwwwww! Daaad! I’m sorrrrrrry!!! … Owwwww! … I’m ….. sooooo … sorrrrrry, sirrrrr! I promise … I’ll NEVER drive… dunk again …” she cried and promised between spanks.

Kylie’s bottom was soon a volcanic mass of hot, molten flesh. The bruises shot to the surface, and the welts from the strapping provided coordinates of all of its fiercest strikes.

As for Kylie, she had now escalated to hysterical tears and cries for mercy, vowing to never, ever drink and drive, repeated over and over with increasing resolve. Ron scolded her, while continuing to spank, then told her he was going to finish it off with ten of his best.

“Noooo, sir! … Please not your best! … I-I-I’ve learned my l-lesson!” She struggled to get the words out through her frantic sobs.

“Okay, I’ll give you my worst then,” he quipped.



Kylie gasped several times but couldn’t get a sound out.


“Owwwwwwwwwww! Owwwwww! Daaaaaaaad! Pllleeeeeease, sir, no more! Pleeeeease!”


“Ohhhhh! I’m … sorrrrrrry, sirrrrrr!”


“One more. Brace yourself, Kylie.” He was saying that for his own benefit as well as he choked back his own tears.

“Noooo please! Daaaaad! Pleeeeeeease! I can’t –”


Kylie’s body recoiled under the impact of that last blow. Her arms and legs flailed, and she instinctively threw her hands back to douse the raging flames consuming her backside. It hurt like hell to rub, but it stung too much to leave unattended.

Precious Brokenness

Her father allowed her a few moments to rub and get the worst of her screaming and sobbing out of her system before brushing her hands away to pull her panties and sweats back up. Then he gathered her in his arms, and they both cried.

Kylie was convulsing and crying so violently, she couldn’t hear his own cries and didn’t notice him wipe his own tears away. But it had been a very hard spanking for Ron to administer because of his own guilt over dismissing Diana’s fears. And the realization that his daughter, who he knew to be a good kid with a heart of gold, was drowning in the pressures of being a rookie adult. But he was relieved, for everyone’s sake, that he was at least getting in front of this before something truly tragic happened.

“I’m sooo sorry, Dad,” Kylie wept penitently. “I’ll never do anything like thisagain!”

Ron pulled his daughter away and looked straight into her swollen, tear-filled, seafoam eyes. “Promise?”

“Yes, sir. I promise,” she replied without hesitation and with the most convincing sincerity he had seen in a long time.

“Honey, I’d so much rather be spanking you off of Highway 26 than mourning my lack of diligence by your grave. Do you understand that’s why I did this?”

“Yes, sir,” Kylie responded, choking back fresh tears. And then gave him the biggest hug she could manage with her diminished strength. She felt the most mind-numbing explosion of love, respect and gratefulness for her father in that moment. “Thank you for disciplining me,” she said through her syncopated breaths.

“You’re welcome, honey. But I can’t guarantee you it’s over. The three of us are going to have a long talk about this Friday night, where you are going to tell your mother what you told me. She’s going to be very upset with you. You know how she is about driving stuff.”

“Yes, sir. I know. I’m so sorry I’ve put you both through this hell. But I’m going to turn this around.”

Pulling away, he said, “That would be wise. Now … let’s get you back to school. You have a long, very sore day ahead of you.”

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