SCONY Protocols

SCONY party recommendations come from years of entertaining and changes in the community. Protocols are not intended to put a damper on people’s fun; quite the contrary, they have put in place to ensure that all who come to our events will have a safe and enjoyable time with spanking — especially the frightened novice who may become overwhelmed. We also work to protect everyone’s privacy and anonymity.

As a group, we support several styles of play but encourage all players to negotiate mutually consensual scene and to respect the limits discussed. Communicate your style: Discipline, Playful, Maintenance, Sensuous or Erotic.

Listed below are the rules upheld at all SCONY events:

  • Recommended play: Old-Fashioned, Platonic, Traditional, Institutional, Loving And Parental. (Read more about the OPTILAP approach.)
  • Get their name BEFORE you play.
  • Communication is at the core of all play.
  • Sensuous play is best kept private. There are privacy cubicles.
  • Wearing a thong is recommended if you intend to play in the open space. Open play is fine.
  • Appropriate implements: hand, paddle, hairbrush, strap, wooden spoon, cane, tawse, birch.
  • Appropriate titles include but aren’t limited to: Mr., Ms., Miss or first names.
  • Appropriate dress: On the dressy side of casual. T-shirts are discouraged. Collared shirts and nice shoes make a better impression.
  • Keep a respectful distance when watching others.
  • We use safe words. “Yellow” (ease up/caution) and “RED” for stop. A hand on the ankle means to ease up/lighten up.
  • Do not ask a bottom to spank you. They are bottoms and do not like being asked to switch their orientation. If you’re a switch, take time to switch.
  • No latex, PVC, diapers or cross-dressing.
  • No masters, mistresses, goddesses or slaves.
  • No whips, cat o’ nine tails or floggers.
  • No overly obvious collars, leashes, ropes or bondage equipment.
  • Space is limited. Keep your implement carriers to a reasonable size.
  • No frontal nudity.
  • No sex, prostitution, pandering or pimping
  • No cameras, laptops, or recording devices of any kind.
  • No cell phones can be used inside the party space. Please go outside for all calls.


*All guests must be aware of their own safety regarding previous injuries and health problems.

*You have to be able to communicate very clearly (hearing, speech and the English language), to be able to negotiate a spanking scene.  Communicating first is part of basic safe play!  Good manners in speech, dress and personal hygiene are common sense matters we expect.

*If you are attending the Mountain Weekend you have to be able to walk a hill.