SCONY Protocols

SCONY party recommendations come from years of entertaining and changes in the community. Protocols are not intended to put a damper on people’s fun; quite the contrary, they have put in place to ensure that all who come to our events will have a safe and enjoyable time with spanking — especially the frightened novice who may become overwhelmed. We also work to protect everyone’s privacy and anonymity.

As a group, we support several styles of play but encourage all players to negotiate mutually consensual scene and to respect the limits discussed. Communicate your style: Discipline, Playful, Maintenance, Sensuous or Erotic.

Listed below are the rules upheld at all SCONY events:

  • Recommended play: Old-Fashioned, Platonic, Traditional, Institutional, Loving And Parental. (Read more about the OPTILAP approach at https//
  • Communicate your style: Discipline, Playful, Maintenance…..  Sensuous and Erotic is not for a SCONY party.
  • We reserve the right to deny entry to avoid any discrepancy between male and female representation in the club.
  • All play  is platonic and non-sexual.
  • Consensual, sensuous play is best kept for private play in a private setting.  To all players, especially females, if someone touches you inappropriately you really have to tell someone and get the word to the hosts of the party.  The whole community protects new players from unpleasant experiences.  We can’t help you if we don’t know.  We are there to help you have a good time and not be offended by people who don’t read the rules.
  • Get their name BEFORE you play.
  • Communication is at the core of all play. Get help if you need to but be clear. Tell someone if you have a problem
  • There are privacy cubicles so that many of your scenes will be private. New to the group?  Play where other people can hear your safe words.  Don’t isolate yourself away from the group.
  • Wearing a thong brings on fewer problems.  If you play in public at SCONY private areas must be covered.  Keep your bottom covered or lift undies up rather than down.  Keep private areas covered.
  • Appropriate implements: hand, paddle, hairbrush, strap, wooden spoon, cane, tawse, birch.
  • Appropriate titles include but aren’t limited to: Mr., Ms., Miss or first names.  Many people are offended by family titles, such as, “daddy” “mommy”, “auntie, etc.  Keep your fantasies in your head and don’t use those words out loud.  Not all adult player want to be reminded of their family while at an adult party.
  • Appropriate dress: On the dressy side of casual. T-shirts are discouraged. Collared shirts and nice shoes make a better impression.
  • Keep a respectful distance when watching others.
  • We use safe words. “Yellow” (ease up/caution) and “RED” for stop. A hand on the ankle means to ease up/lighten up.
  • Do not ask a bottom to spank you. They are bottoms and do not like being asked to switch their orientation. If you’re a switch, take time to switch.
  • BIG NO’S
  • No latex, PVC, diapers, trans or cross-dressing.
  • No masters, mistresses, goddesses or slaves.  Family titles are not said out loud.  Don’t upset the mindset of others who find family titles off-putting.
  • No whips, cat o’ nine tails or floggers.
  • No St. Andrew’s cross.
  • No overly obvious collars, leashes, ropes or bondage equipment.
  • Space is limited. Keep your implement carriers to a reasonable size.
  • No frontal nudity.
  • No sex, prostitution, pandering or pimping
  • No cameras, laptops, or recording devices of any kind.
  • No cell phones can be used inside the party space. Please go outside for all calls.


*Sensuous play is best kept PRIVATE AND AT A DIFFERENT PARTY. If we get complaints about a top touching bottoms in inappropriate ways that top will not be welcomed back.

*All guests must be aware of their own safety regarding previous injuries and health problems.

*You have to be able to communicate very clearly (hearing, speech and the English language), to be able to negotiate a spanking scene.  Communicating first is part of basic safe play!  Good manners in speech, dress and personal hygiene are common sense matters we expect.

*If you are attending the Mountain Weekend you have to be able to walk a hill.