Google Message Board…’’

How to Join  Google Groups

1. First, you must have a google account.  It’s free. (This has nothing to do with gmail.)

We suggest you use a scene name, not your real name.  Also, if you are new, have a separate email address for scene matters.

2. Go to ‘’ and there will be a description of SCONY and a button to click to request membership.  The next page will ask you for your ‘reason for joining’.  Use that space to tell us something about yourself.  Include your gender, age, style, experience level and anything else you want the group to know.

Please remember that play and conversation at SCONY is more platonic than other groups and we cater mostly, but not exclusively, to heterosexual interests.  Know SCONY protocols. Whether you are at a party or in online conversation we expect common sense and good manners.

3. Your membership has to be approved so check your email often.   Your welcome message will have directions to the private chat and message board where you can also connect with all the people in the group.  Get to know us.

Google Groups

SCONY Private Message Board and Chat

The SCONY Chat and Message Board on Delphiforums are our main connection to get to know each other.  This message board is a good place to tell us more about yourself and your spanking interests. Please respect SCONY protocols by being aware that not all SCONY members play erotically.  SCONY works because members know that some scenes and terms are best kept private.

Connecting on the message boards and joining our Mon–Thu nightly chat (~8:30 pm EST) will make you feel more comfortable attending one of our parties!!!!!  Connecting ahead of time online helps ease those ‘first party’ jitters!!!


You can also find Ms. Margaret and Mr. Ryder on Fetlife in their SCONY group.