Mountain Weekend


SCONY’s Spanking Weekend in the Mountains

With Margaret Davis and Friends

April 17-19, 2020 plus extra days

For one price for Fri-Sun you get your room, meals, two evening parites, an academy for all, hot tub and wonderful people are included in ONE price. Thurs and Sun are extra night and cost only a little more. The best weekend for the lowest cost.

April Theme, 2020: A Weekend in Margaretville

Friday theme: Ocean colors (hot pink, turquoise, lime green, yellow and orange) and accessories made of shells.

Saturday Afternoon: St. Margaret’s Academy. Uniforms for students (only if they choose). So much to learn and consequences for not learning the lessons. Everyone is prepared for school and faculty member do a great job of making sure our students are well taught, mannerly and understand simple rules.

Saturday theme: Spanking Away in Margaretville:

More hot, island colors… parrots…. comfortable yet functional linen pants and shorts along with relax shirts, hoodies, polos, camp shirts, dress shirts and t-shirts made for island life…..flip flops, beach shoes, straw cowboy/gardener hats(with flowers) , sun glasses, beach dresses, halter tops and a big smile. Sometimes you see a pirate.

This is our 42nd Semester Weekend Celebration! We now use the ballroom upstairs where there is plenty of room.

Special Guests:

Ms. Margaret Davis

Lady Sabrina, owner of My Lady’s Toys, NYC

The cost of the weekend is based on one or two people occupying certain rooms. If you want to invite a maximum of two extra people per room you can inquire about an even lower cost. This offer applies to all the rooms except the Lodge. Two cabins have two rooms, four beds and one bathroom.

GET THE _MOST_ FOR YOUR MONEY by joining us in SCONY chat in the weeks before the event. This way you arrive knowing some names and having your questions answered. Join SCONY yahoo. When I click you in you will receive a welcome message with directions to the SCONY chat. SCONY chat can be used on your cell phone.  If you still can’t get to chat email me and I will help if I can.

Use for all weekend and party concerns


Easy Registration 1-2-3

You can register for the Mountain Weekend online, with secure payment by credit card or PayPal, or via a downloadable form.

STEP 1 – RSVP STEP 2 – Fill Out the Registration Form or  STEP 2: Download and print registration form STEP 3 – Pay Online

or Mail us your check –  SCONY, P.O. Box 660008, Utopia Station, Queens, NY 11366.


SCONY’s Weekend in the Mountains with Ms. Margaret Davis and friends is a biannual SCONY tradition, with one taking place in the spring and one in the fall.

We reserve a resort in the Pocono Mountains for the weekend and have it to ourselves for maximized privacy. There’s even a woodshed on property where one may deal with issues in private. A straight back chair, soft lights and a saddle to bend over make serious sessions hard to avoid. In addition, there are acres and acres of woods to explore. Lots of switches around and plenty of material for a good birching.

For some, the weekend is a time to enjoy romantic discipline; for others it means a “trip to the woodshed”; and yet for others it a “back-to-school adventure” … or any combination thereof. But for all who are responsible and abide by SCONY’s protocols, it’s a full weekend of OPTILAP style spanking.


April 17, 18 & 19, 2020 (Fri–Sun)
Plus two extra days if you choose (Thu and/or Sun night)

Check in is 3:00 pm Friday and check out is 3 pm Sunday. Some attendees arrive on Thursday and/or stay over on Sunday.

About the Resort

Ms. Margaret has reserved a quaint, 25-acre resort nestled in the Pocono Mountains just two hours outside of New York City and very close to Allentown, PA. It’s an idyllic location for fans of old-fashioned, OTK spanking because of its spectacular views, rustic feel and privacy. We have use of a community space for group gatherings and, of course, the woodshed should you need it. (And it’s open all night, so consider yourself warned!)

The best part about the resort is the staff. They are supportive of what we do, contribute to the fun, and are unbelievably accommodating and gracious in their service. There’s a chef on property who prepares gourmet meals buffet style, wait staff who serve us during all of our meals, and our very own bartender who keeps the drinks coming during the scheduled activities.

You will be given a resort ID that identifies you as a guest and also your role — whether you are a top, bottom or switch. Inside the name tag’s cover are different color tags that can be changed to fit your mood.

Also, if you have a love of music, some of our regular attendees bring their instruments and jam away in small groups during off times. We’ve set aside a special jam session with Mr. Tom Ryder (Ms. Margaret Davis’ husband) on Saturday. So bring your instrument and join in the fun!

About the guests

All ages 20-60.  One quarter single females, one quarter single males, fifty per cent male/female couples.  Many switches but not all.  Many heights and sizes.  Mostly well educated and a variety of professions involved.   The total number of attendees at the weekend varies from 55-75 with the overflow of numbers staying at a new hotel two miles down the road.  All guests are entitled to their meals and the same basic package as the guests on the resort.


As the planned activities continue without interruption is not unusual to see different bottoms being taken off to meet their doom (or pleasure) over a top’s lap. But everything is consensual. If you are new, you do not have to worry about anyone forcing you into a situation that is beyond your limits. We take the time to find out what your needs are and respect any boundaries you have indicated.

The rest of the objectives of the weekend are in keeping with the objectives of all SCONY activities. Be sure to read them to make sure you can align your own objectives with ours.


Weekend Plan: Just SCONY guests stay at the resort.   

Fri. (3:00 PM) to Sun. (3:00 PM) is the basic weekend.  Thur. and Sun. are extra days.  There is one party space and no private parties in rooms.

Your weekend payment covers your room, all meals except lunch, two evening parties, the Academy, inclusion and a real woodshed;  

Within two miles of the resort is light shopping:  a CVS pharmacy, Dunkin Doughnuts, a Diner, Wendy’s, McDonalds a new hotel we use for overflow when the resort is full.

Privacy:  This party group acquires people who really value their privacy and see their spanking needs as something too precious to share.  The party space has many privacy cubicles in the main area and upstairs.  The woodshed is real and located further away from the main party area.

Unlike many weekend parties, you won’t see video vendors and other commercial activity.  No one is making videos back in private rooms and setting up dates to do a shoot.  We prefer you keep your cell phone out of the party areas.  No cameras please.  All phone calls and texts have to be taken care of far away from everyone else.  All of us have private matters going on at home but we manage to keep cell phones out of sight and on vibrate.  The Wifi signal at the resort is very weak.  Keep your laptop in your room and hope for the best.  The lobby has a computer that’s connected to a signal.

We plan for people who attend the weekend to spank, make friends and learn about spanking.  Hopefully all your usual habits are pastimes you can catch up on at another time, such as computers, texts, television, sports, drama, etc.  Leave your problems at home and come for a good time.  Relax.


Thursday: Throughout the day some of the guest arrive early just to mingle, talk and start spanking in private.  If you are new they will include you in the camaraderie to the level you allow. If you are new relax and don’t feel any pressure to do anything.  Some guests start with innocent banter as soon as they arrive but be aware most of these scenes have been ‘teases in progress’ over many parties, texts, emails and time.   It’s all consensual and no one will pressure any novice players. (If a novice feels pressured Ms. Margaret needs to know.)  If you are coming early be comfortable but not sloppy. There is a small gym, a porch to hang out on and many hills to run.

Dinner is around 7:00. Afterwards we go down to the lounge where the resort has Karaoke. Other people from outside our group will be there for the singing.  However, the spankos are known to sneak off to the empty space upstairs where private spankings are occurring.

Friday morning.  Breakfast at 9:00 (make sure Ms. Margaret checks with the front desk over this detail because she often forgets.) Around noon some people help set up and others run errands. It is a big help and cost saver if all guests contribute to setting up, breaking down and pitching in when it’s needed. When you help listen carefully to how things are done.

Friday afternoon 3:00 PM the weekend officially begins! Friday is all about our new guests!

We always do some sort of meet and greet activity so work on getting to know people. It’s very helpful if new people can make an effort to join us at 3:00 PM.  Dress is casual, clean and comfortable.  By now spanking sounds will be around you but in private cubicles.  Relax.  All of us were new.  You don’t have to participate, just enjoy making new friends that are thinking the same things as you.

5:30 PM Dinner: Some people will still be just getting there so be helpful and friendly. I need all new people there by dessert on Friday.

Friday night’s party: casual and comfortable. Jeans are ok. Sloppy is not. Enjoy, play and have fun. If someone is still arriving late help them out with settling in. Friday is for our new guests!

Warning:  It’s a long weekend so be mindful not to wear out your skin, shoulder or hand.  Easy does it.  Novices:  Relax and say ‘no thank you’ if you’re not comfortable.  We understand.  Or “yes please” but establish safe words.  Should any weird things that happen please tell Ms. Margaret.

Saturday AM:

9-11:00 Breakfast.    

11-1:45 PM: St. Margaret’s Academy (uniforms if you choose)

(The original is ‘burgundy plaid’ from or a gray skirt, white blouse and maroon accessories.) (Jeans are ok. Sloppy is not.) If you are faculty well then, dress your part…. Or not.

For a few hours “traditional academy standards” will be applied to maintain proper behavior for this educational experience. Either a top of your choosing, Ms. Margaret, or one of her staff will deal with adult miscreants who need proper attention.

There is a schedule of “classes” that last anywhere from 20–30 minutes. After each class there is time set aside for spankings that need to be administered and private areas for them to be carried out. All of the classes are entertaining and taught by guests who signed up to share their talents from real-life interests (e.g., art, music, writing, a popular hobby).

As the classes are taught and the day moves along, discipline referrals are handed out. The referral is carefully designed to give a bottom several choices. St. Margaret’s Academy is not so much a school but a way for people to interact, learn, and receive or dole out spankings — or just enjoy the company of others.  It does not get overly silly or out of control. Everyone, tops and bottoms, have a part to play (if they choose).

St. Margaret’s Academy also has its own alma mater. If you decide to come to the weekend, you will want to learn the alma mater.

*** St. Margaret’s Academy Alma Mater   (listen and learn)*** 

1:45: Lunch (bring $5 if you’re eating on the mountain). Some leave the mountain but be assured traffic and service is slow in this area.

3:00 Musicians Jam. Mr. R will be there for a short time. Others can stay longer.

3-5:30:  Lots of private things going on around the resort.  It’s best to play inside and particularly  away from the public road and private homes around the resort.

Saturday:  5:30-6:30 Cocktail party.

Saturday 6:30 Dinner:

Have a great meal and dress up to your heart’s content.  The Mountain Weekends usually have a theme and Saturday is a night to bring out your best outfit. Participate to the degree you can or want into the evening hours down at the lounge

Saturday Night Party: Have fun!  By now everyone knows each other.  You have all night to interact with whoever you want.  There are lots of laughs, camaraderie and, of course, spanking!   As always, don’t be offended if a person does not want to do a spanking scene with you.  It happens to everyone.  Spanking is a close and personal activity and it’s hard to describe why the chemistry to play is or is not there.

Sunday AM: 9:00 AM. “Pajama Breakfast”. Flannel, Drop-seats or pajamas of your choice are ok. Jeans and traveling clothes are just fine.

2:00 PM: If you are staying please help in the Lounge prepare for the evening. Pizza will be served for people who want to be with us for lunch.

2-5:00 Private scenes, spank or help Tom and Margaret rearrange things for the evening.

6:00 PM. Sunday Dinner and an evening of relaxation and more fun.

Join us in the lounge, which is set up differently for more quiet play, chat, a little alcohol, laughing and more spanking. The upstairs (disco area which is closed) is also set up for quiet play. Sunday night is a much slower pace than the rest of the weekend and the set up changes quite a lot.


Pack: Your favorite musical instrument if you want to jam at 3:30 on Saturday, comfortable shoes, bathing suit for the hot tub, umbrella in case it rains, bug spray, and a big smile.  It’s the mountains in the spring and fall which means days can be warm and nights cold. If you are an interested musician or one who likes to listen or sing write to

First thing you will notice:  The age of the resort. It’s an acquired taste but there are new owners that strive harder than ever to keep things in order.  The staff is part of the activities and the food is great.   The new chef, Pam, loves to cook for us and she’s a big hit with all the guests.  Not all rooms are equal but you won’t be spending that much time in them.  The architecture of the resort gives adds to the ‘old-fashioned’ feeling of the event.

Other expenses:  Your weekend payment covers your room and all meals except lunch.  However, have enough money for mid-day eating and tips.  Tip the bartender.  On Sunday leave a tip for the kitchen staff, our host and housekeeping with Mr. Ryder.  Finally, have a generous donation for charity, which you will hear about at the weekend.


*You have to be able to walk hills.  

*All guests must be aware of their own safety regarding previous injuries and health problems. 

*You have to be able to communicate very clearly (hearing, speech and the English language), to be able to negotiate a spanking scene.  Communicating first is part of basic safe play!  Good manners in speech, dress and personal hygiene are common sense matters we expect.

Easy Registration 1-2-3

You can register for the Mountain Weekend online, with secure payment by credit card or PayPal, or via a downloadable form.

STEP 1 – RSVP STEP 2 – Fill Out the Registration Form or  STEP 2: Download and print registration form STEP 3 – Pay Online

or Mail us your check –  SCONY, P.O. Box 660008, Utopia Station, Queens, NY 11366.



The cost of the weekend is based on one or two people occupying certain rooms. If you want to invite a maximum of two extra people per room you can inquire about an even lower cost. This offer applies to all the rooms except the Lodge. Two cabins have two rooms, four beds and one bathroom.

Price _includes your room_ for Friday and Saturday nights, _two dinners_, _two breakfasts_, _two evening parties_, _a real woodshed_ and a full afternoon of assembled entertainment on Friday and Saturday afternoons. All the information you need is sent to you within a few weeks of the weekend. And a detailed schedule is given to you at the weekend.

Single Females

Lodge: single occupancy only, shared bath – $325 ($110 for each extra night.)

House: single occupancy only, one bath, double or queen bed – $485 per person ($160 for each extra night.)

House: two women in a shared room, one bath, queen bed – $325 per person ($85 per person for each extra night)


Single Males

 Cabin: one double bed – $450 ($165 for each extra night). Includes breakfast, dinner & all party events.


House or cabin (depending on availability): queen bed, private bath – $645 ($170 for each extra night)

Deluxe rooms: king bed, private bath (limited availability) – $680 ($190 for each extra night)


Not available until all required rooms are sold in the Lodge, C House and Deluxe buildings

Pricing To Be Determined.

Why M/F couples only? Although we make no judgments on anyone’s sexual orientation or preferences, SCONY is an organization aimed primarily at the needs of heterosexual spankers. As such, we encourage good will and respect toward all interests in the scene, and ask the community to respect our right to fulfill the needs of the niche we feel best equipped to meet.

A $75 deposit is due as soon as possible to guarantee your reservation.  Acceptable forms of payment include certified checks, money orders, and PayPal. Make checks payable to SCONY. Credit cards are not accepted (unless you’re registering and paying the full amount). Final payment is due one month before the weekend. However, arrangements can be made to set your reservation after this date if you learn about the weekend late or have other special circumstances. Email to RSVP.

Register and pay online to reserve your spot now.


If you choose to wear a uniform for St. Margaret’s Academy, the school colors are burgundy plaid or a gray skirt/pants, white shirt and maroon accessories for ladies and any combination of gray and burgundy for the guys. You can purchase a uniform inexpensively through the SCONY store or buy your own. (Note: Most female bottoms do participate in wearing a uniform of some kind.)

Also, check out the SCONY store to for your accessory needs. We do not guarantee all of these items will be available at the weekend.

Guidelines for the Weekend

SCONY has a set of protocols that are adhered to at all SCONY functions. It is very important that you familiarize yourself with these protocols to make sure your spanking desires align with the boundaries upheld by our group. Reading them over carefully will also help you avoid embarrassing or uncomfortable situations that could negatively impact your weekend experience, as well as others’.

In addition to the SCONY protocols, there are guidelines aimed directly at the weekend:

  • Adults only. No pets.
  • As far as erotic play goes (which is covered in the SCONY protocols), the privacy of the resort lends itself nicely to hours of romantic spanking. Erotic play is wonderful, but at Ms. Margaret’s parties it’s a very personal matter to be done in private.
  • In the interest of including everyone, there are no private parties in rooms during the planned activities. This does not include a couple who wants to do a private scene and return when they’re finished. It does, however, include anyone who may view their room as “party central” for a group of people. There is only one”‘party central,” and it’s in the lounge. Exclusionary parties for the sole purpose of keeping other people out is not in keeping with the spirit of the weekend. We have the use of a public play space in the downstairs lounge by the lake, which is open only to our group. When “classes” are not in session, this is the open space for parties. It is equipped with thick, fabric cubicles for private play.
  • We do not endorse, promote or allow the sale or promotion of any products or services other than those provided by Ms. Margaret or SCONY.  If any guests cannot follow these guidelines and insist on conducting any kind of business, we reserve the right to ask them to leave without a refund.
  • No visitors that are not part of the paying guest list are allowed to join the spanking party at the resort.
  • Most importantly, there are no cameras or recording devices allowed. Failure to comply with this understanding will be cause for us to ask you to leave.

Easy Registration 1-2-3

You can register for the Mountain Weekend online, with secure payment by credit card or PayPal, or via a downloadable form.

STEP 1 – RSVP STEP 2 – Fill Out the Registration Form or  STEP 2: Download and print registration form STEP 3 – Pay Online

or Mail us your check –  SCONY, P.O. Box 660008, Utopia Station, Queens, NY 11366.



“Thank you so much for your fun-loving consideration for a total newbie! I was staggered by the energy released by the group and the play and am still babbling to myself about everything … You all have actually changed my life, and I’m so grateful. Plus, F. even bought the silly hat I made for the auction — what a compliment! Looking forward to more warm times!”

“Friendly, safe and absolutely WONDERFUL! … I want to thank everyone for accepting me into the family and making feel so comfortable.”

“Those who benefit from the ‘the ritual’ or desiring to ‘earn’ a spanking were in seventh heaven … I got to enjoy the ‘rush’ of getting into mischief (errr, or getting others into mischief *grin*), getting caught and then having to answer for it. *SMILE*

“The safe and nurturing environment, especially for us newbies, made it quite easy to get to know our fellow spankos and to enjoy ourselves and this lifestyle of ours.”

“The weekend is about so much more than just spanking. The people there are really warm and friendly, and there were many wild, zany times where I laughed so hard, my abs hurt almost as much as my bottom. (Okay, that might be a bit of a stretch, but they did get a workout!)

Specifics About Rooms

As you enter the resort area, there are Deluxe rooms downhill, which are large with a king size bed.  There are six of these rooms in a separate, newer building. These rooms are reserved for M/F couples. If you have a heart condition or weight problems, we cannot provide you with transportation up and down the hill to the different buildings.

Across the street and near the back of the property is the Lounge, which is the main party area for the weekend. This building overlooks a lake and wooded area.

In the center of the resort and uphill from the Deluxe rooms is the Main Lodge and C House, which sit on opposite sides of a little road that runs through the resort. The Main Lodge also doubles as the infamous girls’ dorm, where all manner of mischief is cooked up. There are ten rooms and two full baths on the second floor. On the first floor is the dining area, a lounge area, and a very quaint front porch with chairs set up (think Cracker Barrel). There’s also a community computer equipped with Internet access, as well as WiFi access in the main buildings. And parking is good.

The C House has two floors and 14 rooms. The building is close to the main lodge and all the conveniences of the restaurant, bar, porch and woodshed. Most of the beds are queen sized.

At the top of hill are the cabins in a wooded area. The small cabins have a porch, bathroom and a double bed. There is one king- and one queen-sized cabin. There is also plenty of parking and privacy and several paths that take you to the center of the resort and connected areas.

Each room in the resort has its own individual, old-fashioned flair. There is a pay telephone in the lobby, but not all the rooms have telephones. So be sure to bring your cell phone — just only use it in the privacy of your own room.

Travel Info

If you must take an airplane to get to the Mountain Weekend, these are the airports to used in order of best to worst:

  • Newark
  • JFK
  • Philadelphia
  • Allentown ( not a good choice at all)

To get from the airport to the resort, rent a car with a GPS.

More Info

For further information about the weekend, email Ms. Margaret Check out the SCONY store for fun things to wear..

Easy Registration 1-2-3

You can register for the Mountain Weekend online, with secure payment by credit card or PayPal, or via a downloadable form.

STEP 1 – RSVP STEP 2 – Fill Out the Registration Form or  STEP 2: Download and print registration form STEP 3 – Pay Online

or Mail us your check –  SCONY, P.O. Box 660008, Utopia Station, Queens, NY 11366.