Hopeless Causes

by Ms. Margaret Davis

For whatever reason, old-fashioned, traditional spankers are the forgotten step-children of the D&S (Dominance/Submission) scene, possibly because we don’t wear leather and we don’t always seek an erotic experience. People are always trying to get us to do something else, but all we want is to spank.

Spankers need to be seriously scolded, spanked, put in the corner, spanked and cuddled — and sometimes spanked again. Punishment spankers don’t care for the jokes and baby talk, but many playful spankers do. Punishment spankers can get into some very serious scenes and are often misinterpreted by those who don’t have that calling. It all depends on one’s point of interest.

Spankings take on different styles. They can be playful with lots of laughing and comical interactions. They can be serious punishments with chastising and tears. It can be maintenance for a bottom who needs to be reminded that they are not too big to be regularly kept humble. Spankings can be erotic and lead to outrageous sexual satisfaction or sensuous with a variety of tactile sensations.

I always advise those who don’t know the styles of spanking to carefully inquire and do your homework. Ask a few pertinent questions as to where the spanking is going. Insist on safe words. Respect them and use them!

To learn more about the type of Spanking Ms. Margaret and SCONY practices at all SCONY events, read our SCONY protocols. (Very important:This is required reading before attending any SCONY events, including our nightly chats.)

If your desires align with our boundaries, join us for one of our many online and in-person events … and have fun!