Guidelines for the Weekend

SCONY has a set of protocols that are adhered to at all SCONY functions. It is very important that you familiarize yourself with these protocols to make sure your spanking desires align with the boundaries upheld by our group. Reading them over carefully will also help you avoid embarrassing or uncomfortable situations that could negatively impact your weekend experience, as well as others’.

In addition to the SCONY protocols, there are guidelines aimed directly at the weekend:

Adults only. No pets.

As far as erotic play goes (which is covered in the SCONY protocols), the privacy of the resort lends itself nicely to hours of romantic spanking. Erotic play is wonderful, but at Ms. Margaret’s parties it’s a very personal matter to be done in private.

In the interest of including everyone, there are no private parties in rooms during the planned activities. This does not include a couple who wants to do a private scene and return when they’re finished. It does, however, include anyone who may view their room as “party central” for a group of people. There is only one”‘party central,” and it’s in the lounge. Exclusionary parties for the sole purpose of keeping other people out is not in keeping with the spirit of the weekend.

We have the use of a public play space in the lounge by the lake, which is open only to our group. When “classes” are not in session, this is the open space for parties. It is equipped with thick, fabric cubicles for private play.

We do not endorse, promote or allow the sale or promotion of any products or services other than those provided by Ms. Margaret or SCONY. If any guests cannot follow these guidelines and insist on conducting any kind of business, we reserve the right to ask them to leave without a refund.

No visitors that are not part of the paying guest list are allowed to join the spanking party at the resort.

Most importantly, there are no cameras or recording devices allowed. Failure to comply with this understanding will be cause for us to ask you to leave.