About the Spanking Club of New York

SCONY was started by Ms. Margaret Davis has been New York’s only exclusively OTK spanking group since 1997. We place a high priority on privacy, respect, and healthy play and provide a safe environment that is especially inviting to novices who are just emerging in the spanking scene. We do this by putting safeguards in place that protect the quality of our membership and visitors.

The SCONY Style

SCONY promotes an approach to spanking that can be summed at as OPTILAP: Old-fashioned, Platonic, Traditional, Institutional, Loving And Parental discipline.

As such, we do not promote age play or role play but a choice to be held accountable for behavior. OPTILAP discipline doesn’t have to hurt, but it should, in some way, get one’s attention. At SCONY pain limits are expected, and safe words are respected. (We use the word “yellow” to mean ease up and “red” to stop immediately. Alternatively, a hand on the ankle can be used in lieu of yellow. “Stop” is not a safe word.)

To learn more about how Ms. Margaret incorporates the OPTILAP approach into her parties, read her essay, A Suggested Idea for Successful Party Spanking.


1. To provide safe and sane regular social gatherings and parties for traditional spankers of legal age for the purposes of meeting kindred spirits in a safe location. (Very important: Familiarize yourself with SCONY’s protocols before attending a SCONY event of any kind.)

2. To offer a comfortable support group and social setting for OTK spankers who prefer a domestic, nurturing, traditional, old-fashioned and respectful approach to spanking.

3. To offer an outreach program to newly emerging, very shy spankers.

4. To provide an environment that traditional spankers can feel comfortable in. To that end — while we respect the choices of our scene friends — we do not encourage wearing fetish outfits or leather gear to our gatherings; no cross dressing. (We recommend small purses with minimal supplies. Empty wallets with no credit cards inside.)

5.  To nurture an interactive group where adults are discreet and have impeccably good manners, a sense of humor, a healthy personality and respect for the limits of others. The best way to learn how the group interacts and establish a rapport with members before attending an event is to join us online in our online chats and participate in our forums. Organizers reserve the right to exclude persons who cannot conduct themselves in a fashion appropriate to the purposes of the club.

6. To protect anonymity at all costs. To maintain members’ privacy, we encourage all to use scene names and private email addresses through free and anonymous email providers, such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. (Tip: Send an email to yourself through your “scene account” to make you didn’t register it under your real name.)

7. To protect the privacy of the group as a whole. Organizers will maintain an extremely private membership list of people who are in good standing in the spanking community and who respect the purpose of the club. For this reason, no cameras or recording devices of any kind may be used at any time at SCONY events, nor can cell phones be used in the party space. All calls must be taken outside.

8. To maintain an appropriate balance of female-male ratio at events. Organizers reserve the right to do what is necessary to maintain a balance in female-to-male ratio at parties.To maintain a balance in membership from time to time there may be a waiting list for membership.

9. To prioritize the needs of of heterosexual spankers. Although we make no judgments on anyone’s sexual orientation or preferences, SCONY is an organization aimed primarily at the needs of heterosexual spankers. As such, we encourage good will and respect toward all interests in the scene and ask the community to respect our right to fulfill a very specific need of our own.

10. To support local businesses who are friendly and supportive of old-fashioned, traditional, OTK spanking.

11.To respect other spanking groups around the country. With that in mind, we try not to schedule activities that would conflict. We hope they will check our calendar, too.

Remember: Be sure to read over SCONY’s complete list of protocols before attending an event of any kind!

To learn more and join the fun, visit our active, zany online group Mon thru Thu, 9:30 pm EST!

SCONY in Paris “LES LUNES POURPRES”, a private club for spankers in Paris. For English use the UK Version link. Follow them on FetLife.