The best way to get to know others in the group before coming to a SCONY event is to join us in our fun and often zany chatroom.

Chats take place Mon – Thu and start around 8:30 pm EST (although we are notorious for being fashionably late). We use the Delphi site for our chats, and it also has a forum that we use.

How to Join

You can get in chat from your cell phone

1. First, you must become a member of our Google Group!  Don’t forget you need to have a google account, which has nothing to do with gmail.  I use SCONY Google Group as a general place for announcements. You can take your name off any time you want but for now it’s where to go for the welcome message and directions to the private chat on Delphforums.

Google Groups

2. When you are accepted into the Google Group you will get an email directing you to a site on Delphi where we have a private chat and message board.

Choosing a User Name

1. Don’t use your real name. Instead use a scene name that somehow indicates if you are male or female.

2. Use initial caps if you are top (spanker) and lower case if you are a bottom (spankee).

3. Keep in mind, this is the name people in chat will call you. So don’t choose a name that may come across too strongly or not fit you down the road (like anything with “newbie” in it).

Chat Rules

Entering this chat room is like entering someone’s home. Come in graciously. Become a part of the conversation at a polite pace. Good manners here are the same as in real life. Don’t interrupt, rudely change the subject, shout or swear. On this site, good tops don’t presume anything. They help build trust and communication before anything else.

1. You must be 18 years old. Since the scene is about trust, we will trust that you are always entering in your own gender and under the name we recognize to be you.

2. If you want to talk privately, get out of this chat and go elsewhere! It’s not polite to instant message and distract others while they’re following along. It makes for confusion and is the same as interrupting. Don’t instant message while Ms. Margaret is in the room.

3. Ms. Margaret tries to be available Mon–Thu, 8:30 pm–9 pm EST. About ten minutes is given for random conversation while members are entering. If the chat is in full swing when you come in, please enter quietly and discreetly. Become aware of what topic Ms. Margaret is on, or if a scene is in progress, and stay on topics. Relentless “bratting” while Ms. Margaret or Mr. Ryder are engaged in conversation, or while s/he has started a scene, is considered discourteous. If you leave prior to 9:00pm, please do so with a quiet “good night.” Give us a chance to say goodnight back. (10 second rules) Ms. Margaret will not involve new visitors in spanking until they feel more comfortable with being there. New visitors should “feel” out the room to verify that this is the atmosphere for them. The site is more conservative than most spanking sites, but it is conducted in a style most comfortable for Ms. Margaret.

4. Use a screen name that is gender specific. We don’t like asking if you’re a male or female, top or bottom. To indicate you’re a bottom use small letters. If you’re a top, use capital letters or Mr., Ms. or Miss. Help us keep things simple.

5. Members are welcome to “chat” at times other than Ms. Margaret’s scheduled chat. When entering a room other than during Ms. Margaret’s’ assigned time, don’t interrupt an ongoing scene or try to join one in progress without being invited. Avoid any unrelated noise. If leaving prior to a scene ending, do so quietly.

6. Very important: The site safe word is RED. Use this only if a scene is getting out of control or going too far for you. Do not use this just to get out of a spanking with Ms. Margaret. This safe word is for everyone’s safety.

7. Many people come here for enjoyment, but their enjoyment should not be at the expense of others. Be sensitive to how far you go with negative talk. If you have a personal grievance with someone, discuss it privately. If necessary, bring the matter to the moderator’s attention through email.

8. When entering a chat room for your personal use at times other than when Ms. Margaret is scheduled, as well as anytime you are in the room, please do not be a HNG (Horny Net Geek). This refers to someone who uses such come on lines like: “Any bad girls/boys out there need a spanking?”; “I need a spanking …”; “Anyone out there single?”; “I’m going to spank you …” This site is not a sexual spanking site. Please avoid using comments of a sexual/erotic nature.

9. When creating your own chat time to meet with others, remember that everything here is based on consent, mutual pleasure and discretion. If someone indicates that s/he is a bottom, don’t assume that that person is open to play. As a bottom, don’t misbehave or brat off to a top if you will not allow the top to spank you. If you are “playing” as a top, avoid bratting yourself while you are in the role of a top. Don’t try to talk people into spankings or private talks. When in doubt it is better to err on the side of caution. The safe word is red. The word “no” is not a safe word. However, since in real life, no really means no people often misinterpret its use in the scene.

10. The chat rooms here are designed to be pleasurable to both tops and bottoms. Relentless bratting is not only rude to the scene payers but will only serve to make you appear obnoxious and rude. If this is your style of play, it is recommended that you find another chat room that can accommodate that style of play!

11. Not all scenes are sexual. If you hear, “It’s all about sex and eroticism,” just know that not everybody agrees with that, especially traditional spankers. You are entitled to your own opinion, but this spanking site does not involve a sexual realm of spanking.

12. Respect the rights of others. Do not laugh or otherwise comment on other people’s fantasy or their own comfort levels. I mean ever! Each person comes to spanking with his or her own individual needs. Ideally, this is a world where respect and tolerance rule.

13. Relax, watch, have fun and don’t feel pressured to do anything you are not comfortable with. The regulars here in the scene are generally very friendly and helpful. If you ask a question, members are usually good at giving a clear explanation. If you still dont understand find a book or email Ms. Margaret and she will try to help. Some scene players may be rude and suffer from what is called “top’s disease.” If you run into one of them, don’t bother getting upset. Most likely everybody agrees with your perception, too. Let Ms. Margaret or a moderator know of your concerns if you have a problem.