Loved It, Loved It!

One Woman’s Account of Her First Party

Just had to let you all know (especially those of you who offered so much amazingly helpful advice) that I went ahead and attended Ms. Margaret’s Spanking Social last Saturday night. Pretty amazing stuff for someone who just delurked a few weeks ago! If you’ve never been to one of Ms. Margaret’s parties, let me tell you about it.

My first instinct, upon arriving in the rain at the entrance to Hellfire, was to run for dear life. Instead, I gathered my wits and descended the staircase to the entrance. My first contact was with Lenny, the sweet kind owner who immediately put me at ease. After checking coat and purse, (with Dee, a dear, sweet and honest checkmaster), I entered the main room. Immediately greeted warmly by two of Ms. Margaret’s volunteers, I felt my trepidation subsiding.

I was given a nametag (blue for sub, red for dom, dot for switch, and another dot to be placed on your shoulder if you wanted a spanking). Mine was blue, and I shall cherish it as a reminder of my first public statement of who I am <g>. I did not place a dot on my shoulder, as I was a bit too scared to.

I first walked around the entire place, getting a real feel for the lay of the land. Already, one very stern spanker was soundly spanking someone’s bottom. As I continued walking around, some more people started playing.

I had a wonderful conversation with the club manager (Maria), who helped ease my fears. At that point, men (and women) began to come up to me and talk. I also ran into several people who had been emailing me about my posts about the party and was most grateful to meet them in person. (Thanks, guys, you know who you are!)

Despite the somewhat unusual atmosphere (in which people were being spanked and paddled all over the club), the experience seemed quite normal. There was a festive, jovial atmosphere, with much teasing and playing, yet absolutely no sense of pressure. I delighted in meeting someone who had read my posts about what to wear. (He seemed to approve of my white lace trimmed blouse and simple, below-the-knee black skirt.)

Amongst the crowd were some “heavy-hitters” (no pun intended) who have been in the scene for many years, including publishers and writers, all of whom treated me with the utmost respect and conviviality. Several shared their own personal stories of entering the spanking scene.

What amazed me most was how even though I politely declined every offer to play (and there were many), each time I declined, the gentlemen stayed and talked with me for some time — totally respectfully, with no pressure whatsover. Considering I had received an email portraying the party in a negative way, I found it to be just the opposite. (And those of you who told me otherwise, well, I may just hand your names over to Margaret or Tom for a very sound spanking!)

Before the party, I had many fears: Would it be offensive or threatening? Would I have a psychotic break to realize I was a sub? You name it. However, my fears were all ungrounded. It was a totally delightful evening, and there is nothing I could say to criticize it in anyway. I loved meeting all the wonderful people who spoke with me and I thank you all for your nurturing in this process.

I am particularly grateful to Tom and Margaret for their kindness in helping me feel warmly welcomed, and I surely must thank OTKPaddler, without whose help I would not have been there.

You might be wondering why I chose not to play, given all the wonderful opportunities. Well, if the truth needs to be made known, you see, my cheeks were already burning and quite sore from receiving my first (and second) real life spanking earlier in the weekend. But that’s another story!

Love to all of you who helped make this a wonderful weekend in my life!