Expectations You May Want to Discuss

by Ms. Margaret Davis
*denotes old-fashioned domestic spanking vs a bdsm approach

Styles of Spanking

  • Playful
  • Punishment/Discipline
  • Maintenance/Prevention
  • Sensuous
  • Erotic
  • Percussion
  • No delay-Spank away

For an explanation of these different types of spanking, read Ms. Margaret’s article,¬†Different Styles of Spanking.


* scissors hold
* bent over a chair, desk, bed, sofa
* tummy down on a bed
* holding ankles
*all fours
vs. suspended
vs. stocks
vs. bondage


* private, group, public
* serious delivery or a more jovial setting
* dressed or nude participants
* street clothes, lingerie
vs. leather

vs. master, slave. “S.A.M.”
vs. two equals with equal “power”

* repeated rhythmic striking (or tapping)
vs. less striking more rubbing & touching
vs. various sensations

* scolding phrases
* humorous
vs. erotic words and commands

* reason (punishment)
* no reason (maintenance)
* playful interaction
* tactile pleasure (sensuous)
*sexual touches (erotic)

* chastisement & embarrassment
* relaxation
vs. total humiliation

*”for your own good”
vs. “for my/our pleasure”
vs. embarrassing, “forced” feminization
vs. pleasurable cross-dressing


** pouting
**compliance, humble silence
**laughing, joking, pleasurable moans


* hand
* paddle (wood, leather)
* belt
* hairbrush
* wooden spoon
* slipper
* ruler
* cane
* tawse
* birch
* strap
* switch
vs. whip/riding crop
vs. cat o’ nine tails
vs. martinet/flogger

The Ritual


  • spanking for very real offenses or role-play
  • playful/lighthearted spanking, sometimes public
  • privacy, serious atmosphere, serious spanking
  • forewarning, fearful anticipation
  • sent to a room to wait, corner time
  • having to ask for the spanking
  • being told to present the implement
  • scolding, explanation beforehand
  • addressing someone as “sir” or “ma’am” during this time
  • having pants removed or being told to remove them
  • being told to assume a position or being placed in position
  • cuddle time afterwards or isolation (e.g., being sent to bed)
  • closure and forgiveness